Summit168 Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag Tote

If you are looking for a durable and reusable alternative to a lunch bag… Then you should check out this high-quality waxed canvas lunch bag tote by Summit168.
Here’s why:

  • Carrying around your lunch each day in a paper or plastic bag is wasteful and inefficient. With this waxed canvas lunch bag, you can store your meals over and over again. When you need to clean it, just use a damp warm washcloth to clean the interior.
  • A grown-up solution to the school-house lunchbox – This bag has a rustic outdoors look and feel. It is made with high-quality canvas and stitching, so it is built to take a beating. It’s perfect for the outdoorsman, journeyman, construction worker, mechanic, or anyone who works in an environment that isn’t protected by the confines of four walls.
  • The large capacity interior is perfect for those who like to pack in a meal plus some snacks.
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