Ecotronics Eco Rocket

Ecotronic Toys are planet friendly techno fun. Did you know there are billions of batteries sold in the US every year – many of them for toys – but only about 1% of them are recycled? The rest end up in our landfills and are poisoning our planet. The world’s resources are diminishing quickly and we can’t afford this kind of waste, financially or ecologically. But you know what? Energy doesn’t have to cost anything. Ecotronic Toys bring electronic lights and sound to toys without the need to use traditional batteries. How’s that work? Part of the fun of Ecotronic toys is actually bringing them to life. Give it a shake or wind it up. The energy used to perform these simple motions gets converted to electrical energy by dynamo technology. This is then used to power the toy. The best part about Ecotronic Toys – they never run out of juice.

  • Use a hand crank to charge up this super cool rocket ship
  • Hear a realistic countdown, watch launchers power up and finally blast off with flashing lights and cool sounds
  • Includes removable cockpit hatch
  • Hand crank stores neatly in body
  • Bio-degradable packaging too